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Shared Learning

In applied science in general, and in NRM planning and climate adaptation in particular, it is essential to foster sharing of learning between a diversity of people. Different types of knowledge are crucially important to develop lasting and effective solutions.

This Module documents the principles used to enable shared learning and co-development of information products in AdaptNRM, with the aim to enable and inspire deeper and more effective collaborations to find innovative solutions to some of the world’s great challenges.

The Shared Learning content is currently under development. These pages will be finalised soon.


Source: Alison Skinner; Credit: North East CMA

What to expect

This Module of the National NRM Impacts and Adaptation project introduces pillars and principles for…

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Digging Deeper Soil Health Workshop; Credit: Terrain NRM

Introduction to shared learning

Shared learning is a concept that recognises the contributions and limitations of different types of…

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Margaret River; Source: South West Catchments Council; Credit: Damien Postma

Pillars of shared learning

Our two core pillars of shared learning are Democratisation of Knowledge and Peer Learning. Democratisation…

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Landcare planting at Razorback, south western Sydney; Source: Esther Beaton; Credit: Greater Sydney Local land Services

Principles of shared learning

The 10 principles found here are designed to facilitate shared learning, particularly among NRM planning…

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Sea spurge control; Source: NRM North; Photographer: Emma Williams

Shared learning campus

This section provides further information and resources to support the shared learning module. AdaptNRM’s journey…

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