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Helping Biodiversity Adapt

Evidence over the last decade has shown that ecological change in response to climate change is likely to be unavoidable, widespread and substantial.

As a result, some of our approaches to biodiversity conservation may need to change – including not just the actions we take now but also the overarching goals of what we aim to achieve.

Here we present the second part of the story of bringing biodiversity and climate change into NRM planning. Helping Biodiversity Adapt supports the strategic and implementation phases of planning, including discussion of climate-ready goals for biodiversity conservation and potential options to achieve them.

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What to expect

This Module of the National NRM Impacts and Adaptation project suggests new approaches to biodiversity…

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New principles and approaches

We will need new principles to guide biodiversity conservation given the pressure for biodiversity to…

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Rough frog (Cyclorana verrucosa); Photographer: Peter Lowik

The Biodiversity Adaptation Toolbox

New or revised strategic goals and actions will be needed to align with new principles…

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Quokka (Setonix brachyurus); Photographer: © Stewart Macdonald / Ug Media

Measures for helping biodiversity adapt

We introduce new measures to inform the design of adaptation options. Using the community-level modelling…

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Christopher Lifu shows yam seeds, Captain Billy's Landing, 2014; Source: Lyndal Scobell; Credit Cape York NRM

Planning examples

Practical examples of embracing new principles, deciding on new or revised strategic goals, and planning new…

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Mary River turtle (Elusor macrurus); Photographer: © Stewart Macdonald / Ug Media

Helping Biodiversity Adapt campus

In this section we provide a summary of the resources used in the Helping Biodiversity…

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