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What to Expect

Climate change will have a direct impact on the natural resources and human communities that are the focus of NRM groups.

At the same time climate change will exacerbate the existing pressures that are managed by NRM groups and challenge the responses to these pressures.

The NRM Adaptation Checklist has been developed to:

  1. support NRM planners to take stock of their plans,
  2. evaluate the degree of climate readiness, and
  3. assess the actions that are required to develop a climate ready plan.

The approach has been designed to be consistent with planning approaches already used by NRM groups, including adaptive management, resilience, and risk management frameworks.  It has been developed to guide users, but not to prescribe how to deal with issues. Rather, the process seeks to highlight what the main issues are and support gradual incorporation by learning from doing.

What is this module all about?

  1. Using an adaptation lens, we outline approaches for responding to four key challenges that can be intensified by climate change and climate adaptation.
  2. Through self-reflective questions, we use a general planning framework to organise specific ideas about why and how planning approaches may need to shift to be effective under a changing climate.
  3. We provide specific suggestions, potential tools and examples of how to meet the challenges of adaptation, particularly with limited planning resources.

After answering these questions and reading the case studies, you will have a clear understanding of how your planning process could be improved or extended.

Our ultimate aim is to support planners, even in small ways, to make climate adaptation part of ongoing planning and action for improved NRM outcomes.

For further detail, you can also download The NRM Adaptation Checklist (PDF).

How to cite the adaptation planning web pages and The NRM Adaptation Checklist:

Rissik D, Boulter S, Doerr V, Marshall N, Hobday A and Lim-Camacho L (2014) The NRM Adaptation Checklist: Supporting climate adaptation planning and decision-making for regional NRM. CSIRO and NCCARF, Australia. ISBN 978-1-4863-0319-9