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Shared Learning

In applied science in general, and in NRM planning and climate adaptation in particular, it is essential to foster sharing of learning between a diversity of people. Different types of knowledge are crucially important to develop lasting and effective solutions.

This Module documents the principles used to enable shared learning and co-development of information products in AdaptNRM, with the aim to enable and inspire deeper and more effective collaborations to find innovative solutions to some of the world’s great challenges.


Source: Alison Skinner; Credit: North East CMA

What to expect

This Module of the National NRM Impacts and Adaptation project introduces pillars and principles for…

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Digging Deeper Soil Health Workshop; Credit: Terrain NRM

Introduction to shared learning

Shared learning is a concept that recognises the contributions and limitations of different types of…

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Margaret River; Source: South West Catchments Council; Credit: Damien Postma

Pillars of shared learning

Our two core pillars of shared learning are Democratisation of Knowledge and Peer Learning. Democratisation…

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Landcare planting at Razorback, south western Sydney; Source: Esther Beaton; Credit: Greater Sydney Local land Services

Principles of shared learning

The 10 principles found here are designed to facilitate shared learning, particularly among NRM planning…

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Sea spurge control; Source: NRM North; Photographer: Emma Williams

Shared learning campus

This section provides further information and resources to support the shared learning module. AdaptNRM’s journey…

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