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Probably the most important action to manage potential weed invasions is to monitor the consequences of shifts in distributions of species, in order to recognise negative impacts when they arise.

  • Monitoring for new invasions can provide the early detection needed for making timely management decisions
  • Consider method and timing of monitoring to detect weeds responding to climate change
  • Monitoring weed impacts will help evaluate which are the priority weeds to focus on in future
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of management actions is also important to help evaluate adaptation responses

For further information on monitoring potential weed threats under climate change, you can download the Weeds and Climate Change Technical Guide (PDF).


    Monitoring will be of most value in places where early warning signs are most likely to be detected. Decide where these are likely to be in your region based on:

    • Directions of potential distribution shifts
    • Where connectivity may provide movement pathways
    • Where shifting land uses might provide new opportunities for weeds

    Consider whether a widespread but simple community monitoring effort could be employed in these areas.