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Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of past approaches and actions to manage weeds under climate change is crucial for making the changes that ensure ongoing improvement. Reflecting back on prior assumptions and drivers that led to the current vision, strategy and implementation approach will be an important part of the evaluation and review process.

Consider the following elements:

  • Note achievement against the plan
    • Was it under- or over-ambitious?
    • Effectiveness of strategy and implementation
    • Influencing factors and mitigating circumstances
  • Will these continue?
  • New ones?
  • Ensure appropriate method and timing of review
  • Alignment with current and revised strategies
  • Revision of the plan

For further information on the Reflection phase you can download the Weeds and Climate Change Technical Guide (PDF).


    Evaluating the effectiveness of the management plan and actions taken, naturally leads to reassessment of weed distributions and impacts. Think about how you will approach the next iteration of the Assessment and other phases as part of a continual adaptive management cycle.